It is the responsibility of everyone in our industry, producers and users alike, to ensure safe and appropriate behaviour when using our products. As ALIPA we are committed to encourage the safe and proper use of aliphatic isocyanates and to support our downstream users on safety matters. We want to raise awareness and increase understanding of best practice. We care that you care.

To further support this target the ALIPA member companies have developed the ALIPA Safeguard programme – consisting of information packages with recommendations and measures regarding safe handling of aliphatic isocyanates. The presentations available are focusing on safe use of aliphatic diisocyanate monomers and on safe use of aliphatic polyisocyanates in spray applications.

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We want to encourage everyone to make use of the ALIPA Safeguard presentations. Feel free to use them as such or to include them – in total or partly – into your own safety training materials.

ALIPA Safeguard is designed as a versatile and adaptable programme and is subject to a continual development process. It entails a sustained and long term effort which will also help our downstream users to comply with the implications of REACH. Of course, we will be happy to take your wishes and suggestions into account for further optimization.

We look forward to collaborating with you towards our common goal: improving safety across our whole industry.