The aliphatic isocyanate industry produces a range of intermediate chemicals which are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The aliphatic isocyanates are important basic materials and components for high-quality protective and decorative coating systems for modern adhesive systems and for specialties like elastomers.

Products based on aliphatic isocyanate are used in high performance applications where, for example, extremely high resistance to weathering, high solvent resistance, durable elasticity and protection against aggressive environmental influence are needed.

Aliphatic isocyanates have been manufactured and converted to coating materials, adhesives and elastomers for many years. They can be handled safely, but the reactive nature of these substances may require certain precautions and controlled conditions in handling and during application.

Therefore, the European Aliphatic Isocyanates Producers Association ALIPA was created by the major European producers of aliphatic isocyanates and polyisocyanates in order to encourage the safe and proper use of aliphatic isocyanates.