As from 24 February 2022 a new regulation on the labelling of diisocyanates comes into force as part of the adopted Regulation (EU) 2020/1149, published in the Official Journal of the EU no L 252 of 4 August 2020, p. 24, thereby introducing a restriction to ensure the control of the dermal and inhalation exposure of industrial and professional users to diisocyanates at the workplace.

It will be required that a statement on the packaging of diisocyanates mentions that a mandatory training will be required for all industrial and professional users of the substance as from 24 August 2023. This applies also for products being already on shelf.

The following statement must be placed in a manner that is visibly distinct from the rest of the label information: “As from 24 August 2023 adequate training is required before industrial or professional use.” 

Together with industry partners, ISOPA and ALIPA have developed a training platform where users of diisocyanates can get trained and be compliant with the new regulation. On this platform, industrial and professional users can either follow a self-eLearning training (5€/trainee) or can register to sessions with an accredited trainer.

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