Brussels, 25 April 2022 – ISOPA/ALIPA today announced that they had entered into agreement with the Kuenzelsau-/Cologne-based Berner Group for a partnership on the digital training platform

The training platform is an industry initiative led by ISOPA/ALIPA in response to the new REACH Restriction which will come into force on 24 August 2023 in the European Union. After this date, all industrial and professional users of diisocyanates will need to demonstrate that they have successfully completed a training.

The Berner Group, one of Europe’s leading B2B wholesale companies, is committed to take the necessary steps to provide a professional training and to promote the highest standards on industrial safety. Under the terms of the agreement, the Berner Group is now an official partner of the digital platform and can refer to the initiative with their customers and authorities to show their efforts to promote the safe use of diisocyanates.

Jan Christoffers, Director Group Quality Management of BERNER, reacted: “We are very pleased to take part in this flagship project. We want to make clear that ensuring the highest level of protection for our customers is our priority. The training material developed by ISOPA/ALIPA covers all our customers’ applications and will be available in all EU languages.

According to Jörg Palmersheim, Secretary General of ISOPA/ALIPA, “this partnership shows the tremendous efforts of the industry to comply with the new regulation. From the creation of the training material by world-leading experts to its targeted dissemination via an innovative digital platform, we can see a strong commitment from all players in the value-chain.”


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For more information, please contact:

Brieuc Lits – ISOPA/ALIPA – Communication Officer – – +32484145687

ISOPA represents major European manufacturers of aromatic diisocyanates and polyols, the main raw materials used to make polyurethanes. More information on diisocyanates, their applications and ISOPA’s product stewardship initiatives can be found on the ISOPA website

ALIPA was created by the major European producers of aliphatic isocyanates and polyisocyanates key components for high quality coatings, adhesives and elastomers – in order to encourage the safe and proper use of these materials. You can find more information about ALIPA’s objectives and initiatives on the ALIPA website.

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