Adhesives are indispensable for manufacture of many daily life products, and aliphatic isocyanate based raw materials help adhesives to meet high demands.

Derivatives of aliphatic isocyanate are usually used as crosslinkers for 2 packs adhesives. Furthermore,aliphatic isocyanate monomers are employed to make urethane based polymers which can be formulated in hot-melt, heat-activated or contact adhesives. The main applications are: wood on wood, PVC lamination on wood, automotive, footwear and construction. The benefits are mainly to improve heat resistance and to achieve a better resistance to moisture and water, as well as a better adhesion on fat or oily substrates.

Aliphatic isocyanate based raw materials are also used in sealants for applications in the construction industry. Durability, resistance and stability, also incritical areas, are the key specifications for these products.